Adopt or buy a dog?

Designer puppy or dog with a past? If you want to buy a dog, you are often faced with the tormenting decision: Better to buy a breed puppy from the breeder or adopt a “used” four-legged friend? The inveterate animal rights activists swear by dogs which eke out a sad existence behind bars or are even rescued from the killing station abroad. The lovers of a certain breed defend their right to the dream dog at first hand.

Adopt a dog, don’t buy it

From a factual point of view, there should be no dilemma here – adopt, dont shop. As long as German – and foreign – animal shelters are as full as they are now – also with puppies and pedigree dogs – every animal lover would have to look for his animal companion in animal protection.

Objectively regarded. But a decision for a dog is never objective. It is a heart affair – and as such not to be mastered with logical arguments. But it is worth a try.

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