8 Things cats love

1. cats love care

It’s no big secret that cats are very pure animals. But did you know that they spend about half of their waking hours taking care of themselves?

Therefore it is quite obvious that the care for cats is not only important, but they also like and appreciate it.

Well, what can you do as a cat owner? Quite simple! Arm yourself with a cat brush*

Give your beloved cat your full attention every day and support her in her daily coat care.

Well, not every cat loves to be cared for by people. But most of the time a daily ritual develops quickly through togetherness.

2. cats love to sleep

Cats do not only like to sleep, but almost twice as long as all other mammals. On average one cat sleeps 15 – 16 hours per day. Yes. They oversleep a good 60 percent of their lives.

Domestic cats are usually well cared for and do not have to search and hunt for their food in the wild. This gives your velvet paw plenty of free time to take a nap in a comfortable place.

But she especially likes to sleep in a warm and safe place near you. That’s why you should let your cat sleep quietly in your bed if she wants to. She will certainly like it and the few extra cat hairs won’t matter.

It would also be a good idea to provide a pillow* in bed or nearby. But even a simple cardboard box under the bed can make a fur nose very happy.

But you should also know that a cat chooses its own place to sleep. If you spend a lot of money on a cat basket* or a hammock* , it doesn’t mean the cat will like and accept it.

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