8 reasons why cats are better than dogs

1. Cats don’t bark

Even the biggest dog lovers (myself included) have to admit that barking a dog can sometimes be annoying. Not to mention a real barker.

You have an important phone call, but the four-legged friend suddenly makes a lot of noise, because his favorite toy lies unreachable under the sofa.

Or the baby has just fallen asleep, which won’t stop the dog from driving away the postman.

Of course there is a dog, a dog and it is his natural behaviour, but that’s not the point here. And yes, there are dog breeds that bark rarely or not at all.

Also cats make their noises – especially at night, when many become particularly active. But they are much calmer and meow or purr mostly only.

Over time, a cat owner learns what the cat wants to tell him. Sometimes it is a “I’m hungry” meow, sometimes a simple “Let’s cuddle”.

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