30 dog names in O for the year 2019

Over the years, the letters K, Q, W, X, Y and Z have been removed from the list because of the difficulty of finding dog names beginning with these letters. After twenty years, the system resumes from the letter A.

Abroad, especially in the United States or the United Kingdom, some breeders choose to follow the French tradition. Sometimes the first letter of the dog’s name corresponds to the year in which it was adopted, not the year in which it was born. This is for example the case of President Emmanuel Macron, who in 2017 adopted his Labrador-Retriever-Griffon (born in 2015) from a shelter. He then renamed it Nemo, N being the letter of the year 2017. Besides the honor he gives to his name, enjoying the water, Nemo was able to distract the guests of the Elysium Palace by urinating on a chimney, which did not fail to make them smile.

In 2019, Olga is fashionable

In 2019, the masters have hundreds of possibilities to find dog names in O. The pronunciation of the letter O must notably stimulate, massage the abdominal organs and activate the solar plexus. The dog names in O could thus have beneficial effects on your psychic well-being and on your health in general. Not to mention the effects on the well-being of your dog … especially when the call of his name is accompanied by a delicious treat.

Olga is a name that is very popular in Europe. Classic, original, foreign-sounding name … you are the person who can choose the perfect name for your dog. From the shortest dog names like Oz to names evoking cities like Oxford, Osaka, Orlando, the choice is not lacking!

Dog names in O for females:

There is a wide variety of dog names in O for females. Here is a selection:

  • Olya
  • Oraliah
  • Orlanda
  • Orphelia
  • Oska
  • Olana
  • Oumka
  • Omaha
  • Orca
  • Oprah

Always make sure the diminutive of a two-syllable name sounds good and you like it.

Dog names in O for males

The male dog names that we particularly like are:

  • Oscar
  • Odell
  • ouzo
  • Omega
  • Orbit
  • Osmo
  • Octavio
  • Ollie
  • Orion
  • Otis

Naturally, you can take inspiration from the names of mythology: your four-legged companion could answer the name of Oedipus, Uranus or Odysseus.

Again, for the longest names, keep in mind that it is not always easy to find a nice diminutive. In addition, having to shout out a name with several syllables like “Ouuu-raaa-nooo-s” or “Ooo-dyyy-seee-uuus” in the middle of the forest or even in your garden might seem curious, at least fun.

To find the name that will perfectly match the character of your dog, you can brainstorm yourself, for example with all the people who will share their daily life with your new companion. Look at your dog and ask what his appearance, what his character or what his tastes evoke.

Dogs can be real angels, and wear their name

Here is another approach to find the perfect name for your dog: take inspiration from the imaginative names of angels, which are out of the ordinary. For example, you can name your dog Orifiel, the name of the forest angel. And since according to the Latin phrase, “nomen est omen”, the name is presage, it will surely appreciate crossing forests and fields in your company. As the first two syllables of this first name sound particularly good and two-syllable names are generally preferred, you can make the choice to call your dog by his diminutive daily.

Omniel is also a beautiful name for a dog, out of the ordinary. Omniel is the angel of unity, which allows us to communicate with all beings of nature. Who knows, communicating with your companion Omniel may be particularly easy.

Finally, whatever the first name that you intend for your dog, we wish you with all your heart that he answers!

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