30 cat names for the year 2019

You have decided to adopt a cat in the year 2019? We congratulate you! Cats are fascinating beings whose company is very appreciated in everyday life. If you lack inspiration to find the name of your future best friend on all fours, you will find in this article some ideas of cat names for the year 2019 accompanied by good advice.

Cat Names: Fashion Exotic Names

While in the past, cat owners were more likely to give their felines the same relatively classic names as Minnie or Chipie, the trend today is to exotic cat names. Thus, friends of cats prefer to choose a cat name as unique as their little protected on all fours.

The variety of cat names is such that the stock is inexhaustible. Use your imagination and your heart to find the name of your cat, and most importantly, take your time! Above all, it must match the temperament, uniqueness and appearance of your cat. Remember that you will have to pronounce his name dozens of times a day … better be sure of his choice before making his decision!

It is often advisable to choose a name for a cat composed of two syllables. Some specialists recommend choosing a name whose last syllable (or at least one of the two syllables) has the letter “i” or another closed vowel, such as the “e”. Names that meet this criteria are like nicknames or diminutives that we give each other, humans, in terms of sounds. Cat names with this characteristic are generally more seedy, the sensitive ears of cats preferring the sound of closed vowels.

Some experts believe that the name of a cat can somehow influence his fate. That’s why you should turn to a name with a positive connotation. Desdemona is a name that can seem very elegant to vote feline. But knowing that “Desdemona” comes from the adjective “unhappy” in ancient Greek, you would surely wish to choose a name evoking more gaiety. This would be particularly the case with the name Fortuna. Why not name your cat “love” or “beauty” in another language, the one whose sounds will please you the most?

Find a name for cat: different approaches

Contemplate your cat: what is his type of coat? His color ? How big are his eyes? Does it make you think of a known personality or something special? The character of your cat can help you find the name that will fit like a glove. But keep in mind that you should not give chat a name you would not like to wear yourself! You will understand that “Bullets” or “Babies” are not names to consider for the companion who shares your daily life.

You also have the possibility to choose a name according to the breed of your cat. For example, a British Shorthair or a cat with similar origins could carry an English name with noble connotations. An Egyptian Abyssinian or Mau would be a wonderful name for an Egyptian deity. Here are some suggestions! Of course, you are the only one who can make the final decision! Choose the name of your cat according to your tastes and desires.

Warning: if you have two or more cats, avoid giving them similar chat names like Kimba and Simba. This could be confusing.

Some new cat owners may wish to develop a list with the cat names they could potentially choose. If you do this, say them out loud several times, and give them time to “act” on you. And why not, ask yourself if this name would please your cat.

Some ideas of cat names

Since fashion is moving away from more and more classic cat names, you will find a cat name in a foreign language directory: a name as unique as your cat.

It is not surprising that in a globalized world such as ours, a Spanish cat can have an Irish name and a Dutch cat a Hawaiian name. Without feeling obligated to raise a bilingual cat!

Exotic languages ​​such as Hawaiian offer a wide selection of gorgeous names, which can be used to name her cat. Kaleikaumaka is one of those exotic names that would correspond to a cat. Admittedly, this name is far from respecting the rule of two syllables, but it has a beautiful meaning: “beloved child, on whom we look proud and full of love.” We can assume, however, that your cat would rather wear a name meaning “beloved child, who is always fed at his request.”

Wiwi, Lilo and Lani are other names for cat, of Hawaiian origin.

Ireland is a country that also offers us beautiful cat names, such as Sham, Yoke, Narky or Breda.

Thinking of a Spanish cat name? We offer Carmen, Hermosa, Alma, Rey and Amigazo.

In Italy, cats meet the sweet names of Crespo, Retto, Divino, Palermo and Nova.

To really not do like everyone else, you can give your cat an Indian name, in Sanskrit. We propose you the names Priya and Bala, meaning respectively “love” and “force”.

The Japanese call their cats Yuki or Sora, which could be translated into French as “snow” and “sky”.

Your companion may respond with pleasure to the name of Tamaya, Peruvian consonances. It is a Quechua given name meaning “in the center”, “in the heart”.

It is even possible to consider a name Greenland! The name Nuka means “youngest child”. If that name fits your cat, why not choose it?

In Zapotec, Native American language spoken in Mexico, Nayeli means “I love you”. An option to consider for a name that does not lack exoticism.

Amorita, here is another name that pleases a lot! This name of Latin origin means “beloved”.

Whichever name you choose for your cat, the main thing is that you both enjoy it, that it reflects the unique character of your cat and the love you feel for him!

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