20 pictures of puppies that will make you forget all your worries

The daily canine good mood dose. We say thank you who? Thanks to our 4-legged friends, of course …

What would we be without our dogs? They know how to make themselves indispensable, whatever their age. This is how puppies have a mission in which they excel: to soften us and to make us smile.

The proof in 20 photos …

1 .This little and big Samoyedes who gratify us with their most beautiful smiles

2 .This adorable Shar-Pei puppy who would like to quietly finish his nap

3 .This other puppy completely exhausted

4 .These 2 young Welsh Corgi Pembroke bickering happily

5 .The irresistible look of this Golden Retriever puppy that has just been adopted

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