15 tips to survive the summer with your dog undamaged

Sometimes it can’t be avoided and the dog has to be able to get out at noon…

But it doesn’t have to be a big 2 hour tour.

The extensive walks should take place in the summer rather in the evening or in the morning hours, when it is cooler.

Take water and a mobile bowl with you
As far as this point is concerned, there are almost endless possibilities how you can take the water with you.

There are rubber bowls that can be folded out, or you can simply take a Tupper can with you.

There are also special bottles in a bowl that can be used as a drinking bowl.

Or you can teach your dog to take the water directly from the bottle.

The main thing is that you can give your dog something to drink as soon as the thermometer climbs above 20°C and you are longer on the road.

Access to cooler rooms
With us it is the corridor, which lies with its cold tiles on the north side.

I let the dogs lie there all summer and they love to doze on the cold tiles.

Give your dogs, if available, the chance to retreat to a cooler place.

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