15 tips to survive the summer with your dog undamaged

Did you know that dogs starting from 22° C start to reduce their activity to protect themselves from a heat stroke?

Exciting, isn’t it?
All the more amazing it is that there are still and again dog owners who don’t seem to know that the high temperatures in summer can be a real threat for dogs.

When it comes to heat stroke in dogs, there are two categories.

There is the heat stroke caused by too high an ambient temperature and there is the second variant caused by overexertion.

In both cases there is absolute danger to life and therefore you should try to make it as easy as possible for your dog to cope with the heat.

Here are our 15 best tips on how to protect your dog from overheating.

Take long walks in the morning or evening
Actually that should be clear to everyone, but I see dog owners again and again in the blazing midday heat at 30 ° C with the dog are on the move.

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