13 things our dogs don’t like!

2. stare

Dogs do not like to stare at at allAn intimate eye contact establishes connection. That’s at least how it is with us humans. And many dogs have eyes in which so much lies that we would like to sink into them. What we perceive as pleasant eye contact is a threat for the dog, however. Because under dogs one stares oneself above all then into the eyes, if it comes already nearly to an argument. The staring is then again a threat, a kind of trial of strength, before it becomes physical. If you know that as a human being, you also understand much better why dogs avoid our gaze. They turn their head to the side, appease them and tell us: Hey, I don’t want any trouble. So we should keep that deep in our eyes for other people.

3. hugs

If you look at photos of dogs and their people, one motif is particularly popular: Mistress or master hold the dog firmly in a hug and smile happily into the camera. If you know a little about the body language of dogs, you will quickly see that they are anything but happy. Usually they sit there rigidly, have their head turned away or pant or pull their lips up. All these are signs of stress. Because so much physicality is not pleasant for the dog, but something that is extremely distressing.

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