13 things our dogs don’t like!

Is there anything dogs don’t like? So what do we humans do? Oh yes! Our four-legged friends love us unconditionally and also then, if we are equipped unpainted, totally crumpled from sleeping or also with other “lacks”, which are denounced by humans gladly times. All this is completely irrelevant to our dogs. They just take us as we are. But there are some things they don’t like. Some of the things they accept simply because we are so important to them, other things are an absolute NoGo and can make the dog extremely insecure, stress or in other ways lastingly negative influence.

We found 13 things that dogs don’t like about us humans at all. Are you already curious? Let’s go!

1. chatter without end

We humans like to talk. Often without a dot or comma. And dogs are often and gladly taken as listeners. They don’t answer back, sometimes they put their head crooked and generally give us the feeling to understand us exactly. In truth, however, our four-legged friend is either stressed if we come along with too many words, or simply switches to draught. With human chatter, dogs simply don’t know what to do. Does what is said apply to them? Should they execute any command? And why doesn’t the talking stop? If you don’t want to confuse your dog or wonder why the dog doesn’t listen to anything, you should learn to keep your mouth shut more often and rather communicate with the dog in a few clear words and above all use gestures. Because the dog understands this much better than our chatter.

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