12 pictures of dogs before and after their adoption

Adoption is a crucial step for a dog’s life. Aside from those collected at a pet store, abandoned dogs found in a shelter are generally in very bad condition.

Some doggies have gone through hell before being cared for by a loving family. Between maltreatment, wandering and illness, dogs have experienced an incredible transformation following their adoption. Welcoming a dog in difficulty in his home is a very noble act and you will immediately see how grateful he is to you for having rescued him.

Together, discover 12 photos of dogs before and after adoption that will make you want to run to a shelter to deliver doggies that need you.

1. Who would have thought that this Husky would turn into a real beauty canon?

2. Together for better and for worse

3. A puppy who has nothing to do with what he was before being rescued and cared for

4. It’s never too late to be happy

5. This dog was adopted by a man during his trip to Mexico

6. This dog has become unrecognizable

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