12 pictures of animals that do not seem to like water

To see the reactions of these dogs, cats and other furry companions, they would certainly have preferred to do something other than take their bath.

They are really big on the potato! The animals that appear on these 12 photos have something in common: the displeasure of being confronted with water.

Even if, for their hygiene, their well-being and their health, the baths are essential, the dogs, cats and even guinea pigs that one discovers in this series of hilarious clichés did not appreciate at all and They make it known. Some even seem to be downright ruminating on their anger, even their revenge.

Here is a series of images showing our four-legged friends who went through the bathroom and who, if it were up to them, certainly would not renew the experience.

1. This incredulous look …

2. He does not always remember what his mother did to him

3. Shower or swim in the sea, the result is the same … But this Bearded Collie seems to have liked

4. Dogs and guinea pigs, all united against the diktat of hygiene!

5. There is no doubt that his displeasure and his desire for revenge

6. The perfect illustration of the word resignation

7. Putting the fait accompli

8. “Why, what have I done to you?”

9. “You do not lose anything to wait …”

10. Grooming, obligatory passage

11. Left to ridicule, as much as a couple

12. Even the great Maine Coon is no exception

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