10 reasons why your cat meows

Your cat keeps meowing and the night’s rest is over. You are very familiar with the different sounds of your velvet paw, but why does a cat meow and what does she want to tell us? The natural urge to meow varies according to cat, character and breed.
In order to solve the problem, you first have to get to the bottom of the causes, because there are always certain reasons and causes for meowing a cat. That’s why we’ve summarized the 10 best known reasons why your velvet paw meows a lot.

10 Reasons why cats meow

The cat meows, every child knows. They are sounds that we hear most often when a furry nose wants to make itself felt. From a simple “Hello, I’m here” to “Help, I’m in a lot of pain”. We will explain the circumstances why your cat meows strangely and help you to better understand cat behaviour.

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